Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A Special Place

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New York is a special city.

I really love it.There is an incredible cultural diversity there.It makes me feel really comfortable .You can go to interesting places like the Metropolitan or the Holocaust Museums. They are gorgeous.You can go shopping or only browse in the bests shops of the world at Fiftth or Madison Avenues. It is delightful.

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Another great option is a show in Broadway and after that you can walk in Times Square with its incredible lights.

If you want to relax, a walk in the Central Park is stunning. New York is really unique.



  1. Dear Cristiane,
    I still remember, when in 1962 I went to NY for the first time; it was summer and to my surprise, when walking on the sidewalks they seemed like melted, I felt I was walking on clay.
    I went many many years later, as an adult, and I liked the city a lot.
    Greetings from Valencia, Venezuela, very warm at this moment.
    Maria Irene Albers de Urriola
    Head of the Modern Languages Department
    School of Education
    University of Carabobo

  2. Dear Cristiane,
    I was born in New York City (but grew up in New Jersey and now live in Maryland), so I was pleased to read how special you think it is! I don't like big cities much, but I have to admit, New York is unique.
    Cheers from the University of Maryland outside Washington DC,
    Nina Liakos

  3. Dear Cristiane,
    I've never been to NYC, but sounds like I should! Anyway, people keep saying we shouldn't go shopping there because it is too expensive. What do you think?

  4. I totally agree. I went to NY last year and I found it fascinating. It was winter but I enjoyed the cold weather.I felt in love with the MET. You don`t need to go to Europe, all the masterpieces are here.
    But on the other hand I have to agree with Alessandra. It`s very expensive for us, Argentinian.
    Good job, Cristiane!!

  5. I had two chances to enjoy the splendor of this city. Once you visit it you will never forget it.
    Thank you very much for your account of this wonderful city.

    Nina Lyulkun,