Wednesday, August 31, 2011

My Really Special Place

If there is a real special place on Earth for me, the place is Chicago for sure!

This is my special city for many reasons. First of all, because when we arrived in the U.S in 1992 to live in Milwaukee for 2 years, we came through Chicago. This was the first city we visited before getting in our new home. For this entire period (2 years), we visited this city to have fun on a family weekend, summer fests, winter fests, shopping... . Second of all, this was the city that I chose to run my first Marathon, and that was an amazing experience that I will never forget. But there are so many more reasons to love this city.

Chicago is almost like New York, but with less traffic, the streets are so clean, no crowded streets and stores and with friendly people.There, you can use cabs to get around the city, metro or even rent a car. There is also an incredible cultural life, amazing museums, the best of the bests shopping malls to buy or just browse, and a great city view to the Waterfront. Everything in this city is great. I really love CHICAGO.


So if you´ve never been there, don´t waste your time going every time to the same place. Go to CHICAGO! You will soon be in LOVE with it.



  1. Dear Izabel,
    I couldn't agree more, Chicago is one of the most wonderful cities I've visited, in winter or summer it has its charm.
    Greetings from Valencia, Venezuela, my hometown.
    María Irene Albers de Urriola
    Head of the Modern Languages Department
    School of Education
    University of Carabobo

  2. Although I'm an American, I have never visited Chicago (I live on the East Coast). Now, in addition to my cousin and two childhood friends who live there, I have many more reasons to visit this great American city!

    Regards from Nina Liakos in Maryland, USA

  3. Hi Izabel,
    I think I would love to visit Chicago. Have you been back there recently?

  4. Your text is really inviting, Izabel. If I could delete the word "Chicago", I`d think about San Francisco ,as you write about festivals and no- crowded and clean streets.
    I`ve never been to Chicago, I`d love to go...
    Thanks from Argentina

  5. Dear Izabel,
    I come from Ukraine, the former republic of the USSR, but I had an opportunity to visit Chicago and enjoy it's beauty. You are absolutely right- the city is worth to visit.
    Thanks a lot for lively description.

    Nina Lyulkun, Ukraine