Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Imagine a Special Place...

Emotions, senses, beauty and romantic moments.

If there is one place for you to know forever and never forget, this place is Toscana, in the heart of the Italy.

Medieval little places extremely well-preserved, beautiful plantations of grapes and olives, where one can extract the best red wine and the purest olive oil. Where the flavors from cooking are the best and most wonderful surprise in each pas

ta. An unforgettable experience in your life.

And where the bucolic weather and the coziness from the country seduce.

Visit Toscana. You will enjoy it.



  1. The images and your vivid description of the place reminds me of a movie I loved:
    Under the Tuscan sun.

  2. I enjoyed reading the book, Under the Tuscan Sun, but I have never been to Tuscany. Now I feel that I would like very much to go there! Thanks for your post.

    Nina Liakos (Maryland, USA)

  3. Hi Marcio,
    what a poetic description of Tuscany! When did you go there? How long did you stay?

  4. Great description, Marcio! I've been there a couple of times - a fairy tale land with great food and lovely people.
    Warm regards from Slovenia

  5. I heard a lot about this beautiful place from my friend who traveled there this Summer. I can vividly imagine the beauty of this green and pure place. I do wish to visit it someday.

    With warmest regards,
    Nina Lyulkun