Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Recycle your Life

Look at the window of your home.

What kind of landscape would you like to see? Gray buildings and lots of cars? I guess not!

How about a huge view, full of green mountains and fresh water, where you can touch nature and forget that ugly world?

Yes, you can get it. A few miles from downtown you can find the Tinguá Farm. All you need to recycle your life in a perfect country style place. Enjoy a fresh and fragrant coffee accompanied by the famous local cheese. Get ready for an energizing walk among green trees feeling the clean air in your chest. Eating an organic food listening to the sounds of nature and after a pleasant day, drink some wine under millions of stars.

I'm sure that you'll find a new perspective in your life.
There is a day you have to stop dreaming and take action. Recycle your life, come to Tinguá Farm.



  1. Wow, I love nature and have never been there.
    Now, I want to find out more about the place!!

  2. This sounds like a wonderful place, just the kind of place I love!

    Nina Liakos (Maryland, USA)

  3. Please tell us where to find this place!

  4. Wow. I love the idea of a presentation to support your great description.
    I was searching for Tinguá Farm, I wanted to know a bit more. Is it near from Serra da Capivara National Park?
    From Del Valle in Argentina

  5. Never heard about such a beautiful place! I wish I could visit and enjoy it's beauty. Thanks a lot for sharing.

    Nina Lyulkun, Ukraine